Snow White and the Seven Drawfs



FROM 5 December to 3 January there is a wonderful cast of well known actors giving performances to remember

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Oh what a privilege it was to attend the Press Release today at the Pavilion Theatre Bistro and meet members of the cast for one of the all time favourite Pantomimes .. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The autumn sunshine allowed outdoor photographs in the beautiful gardens wher the pristine, colourful and difinitive costumes clearly gave each character their 'look'.

With The Wicked Queen who is being played by Gillian Wright (Jean Slater from Eastenders) looking absolutely stunning in a fierce dark green bedecked and bejewelled gown with the all the trimmings of a true Pantomime villan .. Gillian looked amazing. Having the opportunity to speak with her also endorsed the TV role we all know her for as a fragile and sensitive soul who has to cope with her own demons has clearly transformed her into a lady who will certainly make sure the age old 'Boo Moments' will be loud and clear. Also it's not every day she will get to say 'it does feel odd to try and eat your lunch when you are wearing this costume'.

The Dame is played this year by Quinn Patrick and his character is 'Nurse', larger than life with pink hair (giving us both something in common) he knows his craft to bring humour, understanding and colour to the stage! It was evident the love of theatre Quinn has and his acknowledgement of how Pantomime is for everyone providing that crucial awareness from the actor is there. As he said, 'It's all about the character not just about the costume'. This curvaceous 'Nurse' Dame has a presence for sure which will engage the children and make the grown ups smile too.

Noel Brodie is Muddles, the Jester role to be that vital link between the children and the grown ups on stage. Noel understands the need to connect in a way which allows the younger audience to be included and the grown ups to appreciate his keen sense of humour and perceptive delivery. As he said, 'It's on two levels, entertaining the children while the adults get it too'. Having appeared at the Pavilion Theatre for last years Panto .. he alone will be familiar with these particular boards!

Snow White has to have her Prince and these are beautifully portrayed by the lovely Olivia Birchenough (from Channel 5's Milkshake) and the handsome Matt Lapinskas (Anthony Moon in Easteners) Both these characters looked fabulous and will clearly bring the romance, gentleness and dashing elements to give even more of a dynamic to the Pantomime.

No Pantomime of Snow White is complete without her trusty seven dwarfs and two of these jocular and entertaining chaps were also ready to meet the Press .. even the challenge of scaling the fence to be photographed in the gardens was handled with their robust sense of fun as one went over and other went through. It was evident chatting with them that 'Hi Ho ...' moment when they make their first entrance thrills them as the children react with the enthusiasm, delight and belief this magical production promises.

The venue was beautifully arranged to allow the conversations with stage and screen, the costumes looked wonderful and a real sense of festive fun was in the air! Having spent time with these talented and very approachable stars the underlying sense of being part of a great theatre heritage resonated with them all. Understanding their craft and appreciating just what Pantomime is and means to all of us is something they value highly.

Where else can all ages have a really fun time watching a wonderfully Festive Tradition live on stage played by familiar faces. It is imperative this event continues for the decades to come as at the first chance of being able to join in with 'He's behind you' or 'Oh yes he does' we all lose the years and become those bright eyed children .. enjoying a moment in time which will leave them with treasured memories.

We are fortunate to have this lovely theatre in our town and it is perfect place to spend some time 'being a kid again' no matter how old you are ... Theatre Tradition at its finest indeed :)


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