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Here in the UK we can normally guarantee that the weather is never guaranteed!

Our weather can be a real mixed bag, ranging from sweltering heat waves to cold and torrential downpours with only a moments notice! As a result, extreme weather conditions can have disastrous effects on conventional outdoor furniture, features and fixtures, causing them to rot and deteriorate, which could make them dangerous to use, not only now but anytime of year.

Reformed Plastics offer you the chance to invest in outdoor products that will not only look great, but will not break or decay, even in the most turbulent of times.

Reformed Plastics’ can offer you a great solution for keeping safe at home and/or work…We offer anti-slip walkways and decking that have 85% more friction than hard wood, even when wet. This means that you can walk around your garden without the risk of falling over on dirty and slimy surfaces. Our walkways and decking come in black and brown as standard, and are completely maintenance free. They also will not rot or splinter, and last for over 50 years.

Now at Reformed Plastics, as well as manufacturing and installing finished products to order for our customers, you can also buy various sizes of plastic lumber profiles by the length straight of the shelf. Plastic lumber is the perfect alternative to anything that has ever needed maintaining. It can be cut with a regular saw, drilled, nailed or screwed into and routed as easily as wood. This means you have the freedom to either use your own choice of fitter or (like past decking customer, Ian Searle) Do It Yourself!

Fitting decking is actually very straightforward and here’s a basic 10 step guide. We would also recommend you use our plastic posts and joists (normally 10x5cm) to construct your framework to support your decking. Otherwise over time your decking could start to sink or fail because the structure has rot through from underneath due to damp and wet ground.

1. Clear, measure and prep your desired area

2. If your laying to a hard, flat surface you’ll be fine to lay your framework straight down and pack to level where necessary. However, if you’re installing to soft ground or your deck is raised, you’ll need to support the joists approx. every 1 – 1.5m (MAX) with concrete slabs, plastic posts or supported sub-frame joists

3. When fitting posts into soft ground to support and fix to your framework, you should ensure that approx. 1/3 of the total post length is concreted in the ground (15cm minimum) with 2/3s out. E.g. Frame stands 60cm high from ground level therefore 30 cm required in the ground

4. You’ll also need to lay weed-control fabric over the whole site to stop unwanted greenery from poking through and ruining the finished appearance of your decking

5. To construct your framework you’ll need to space the joists every 40 & 50cm centres, normally running at 90 degrees angles (no less than 45 degrees) to the direction of the deck boards

6. Once the main frame is built, check it for level. If the frame needs lifting by a small amount to make it level, small plastic off-cuts can be inserted as packers where necessary

7. Measure, cut and fit noggins staggered between joists. These provide extra strength

8. You’re now ready to lay and fix the deck boards. We simply recommend temporarily fixing a tight string line at each end of the deck along every joist to ensure when screwing down your boards that every screw is aligned

9. As our boards don’t expand across their width it’s not necessary to leave any gaps between them, however we normally do to allow natural drainage, and it looks good. For this equal sized spacers (approx. 5mm) will do the trick quite nicely. Our boards can however expand fractionally along their length so we would recommend again a 5mm space at each end between board to allow for this

10. To ensure an accurate and tidy job, we recommend before screwing your boards down twice at every joist, to first pilot hole and countersink. This will make it easier to position and drive the screws in, flush with the deck surface. Finally (if required or desired) screw boards to any open sides of the deck to close and create a neat finish!

We hope that this guide has answered most of your questions. However please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any further information you would like.

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