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What better way to enjoy a hot summers day than will a cool glass of refreshing thirst quenching iced tea? There are several different ways of making iced tea, some people infuse there tea as they would if they were to make a hot cup, leave it to cool and refrigerate before serving over ice. Although perfectly fine we at ‘It’s Tea’ have devised a quicker method for enjoying a speedy cup of iced goodness!

Our recipe… Pour two cups of boiling (depending on which tea you are using adjust the temperature!) water over two large teaspoons of loose leaf tea into a heat-proof pitcher (we sell some great ones in store that make iced tea easy!) and leave for three to five minutes. Remove the looseleaf, and sweeten to taste if desired by adding a little sugar. Stir in three cups of ice cubes until melted, or use two cups of cold water. Add in freshly cut lemon slices for some citrus zing, and keep refrigerated. When ready to serve pour over the rocks, sit back and relax!

Knowing the basics of how to brew iced tea means you can jazz your recipes up further… why not experiment and add fresh fruit or maybe a dash of your favourite tipple?

Which Tea’s are best iced? Everyone has a favourite infusion, there are so many teas which are perfect iced! Below are a few of our tried and tested favourites!

*Morrocan Mint, *Lemon Caramel Waffle, *Rhubarb Spritzer *Sencha Lemon *Bancha Lemon & Raspberry

We look forward to welcoming you to our shop and introducing you to the world of Iced Tea! Pop in for more information, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook for the latest in our world of Tea!


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