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I have been advised not to write this month’s article!

First I am going to alienate 58.8% of you. Second given the time gap between me writing it and you reading it, who can guess what else has changed. I am, of course, talking about Brexit. I spoke for Remain at the Christchurch Chamber of Trade meeting just before the vote and felt most the businesses- and certainly the youngsters who braved the meeting- were in favour of Remain. Christchurch, however, supported Brexit and 18,268 voted leave (against 12,782 remain). Whilst I believe in the E.U, I recognise that the E.U leadership did little over many years to sell its own benefits and I feel they have no-one to blame but themselves.

Putting to one side Westminster politicians and national finances, how’s it going to affect Christchurch?
On employment, one of the biggest employers on the edge of our town, J P Morgan, is already talking about having to move jobs to Europe. Lush, a big employer in Poole, has said its next expansion will now be in Europe rather than locally.

In housing development, with the dramatic plunge in the shares of the large house builders I suspect there may be a question mark now over if and when the major housing developments planned for Christchurch will proceed. Also our nursing homes and our hotels (some of our key businesses) depend on their many hard-working European staff. Those staff are now fearful for their futures. If they are not reassured, our care and hospitality services will face major problems.

The leave slogan was “take back control”. For the time being, however, we are going to be subject to forces way beyond any control we may have. Let us hope our new leaders, whoever they maybe, will be up to the challenges we now face.

Peter Watson-Lee


Christchurch Chamber of Trade and Commerce

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