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What are Anti Oxidants in Skincare?

You made have heard people discussing Anti Oxidants in food, skincare and other beauty products – but what are they?

Well, Anti Oxidants protect your skin by limiting the production of Free Radicals (single cell atoms/molecules that have gained or lost an electron) – which can damage skin cells.

The use of Anti Oxidants in skincare does a lot for your skin in the way of health & appearance, including reducing the signs of aging. They also help to enhance the effectiveness of Sunscreens.

Daily routines with Anti Oxidants are a strong defence against the signs of aging, wrinkles, dullness of skin & uneven skin tone.

Night time routines with Anti Oxidants will help your skin repair itself and promote cell renewal.

A few of the ‘Best’ Anti Oxidants are Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Retinol & Resveratrol.

Vitamin E – listed as tocopherol or tocotrienols, is a fat soluble vitamin. It helps protect cell membranes from oxidative & UV damage. It works in powerful synergy with Vitamin C and so the 2 combined can be doubly beneficial.

Vitamin C – listed as ascorbic acid or tetrahexyldecyl, treats wrinkles, dullness & brown spots particularly well. As a result, it is known to be an anti aging superstar.

Retinol – listed as retinyl palmitate or retinylaldehyde, helps skin cells by increasing collagen production. This results in younger, healthier skin with a firm and improved texture.

Resveratrol – found in red grapes, red wine, nuts & fruits such as berries, blueberries etc. This protects against UVA. It also helps to improve collagen production.

Anti Oxidants perform better together....

....So when it comes to treating your skin – using a few products with anti oxidants in alongside sunscreen can leave you with remarkable results! Take our ‘Miracle’ Set – full of anti oxidants in a quick & simple routine that absolutely delivers results!

For more information or to book in for your complimentary skincare session please contact Lynne on 07704799866


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