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A wonderful way to get the powerful benefits of any essential oil is through the healing therapy of massage. Originally massage was a sacred system of natural healing. Over extensive periods in history, cultural shifts have perverted this ancient art so it’s viewed as merely an indulgence, rather than the beneficial supplement to healing that it is.

Luckily, today, there has been a resurgence in the understanding of this form of holistic therapy. Nowadays it’s well-accepted that massage has the ability to reduce pain, improve lymphatic flow, enhance immune function, increase alertness, and ease depression, among other benefits.

As you probably know, there are many different types of massage. Modern therapists practice various techniques that come from traditions that span back across time and geography. The goal remains the same – assist others to experience a higher quality of life, and improve their emotional and physical well-being.

Research dedicated to proving the benefits of massage therapy continue to grow.

Studies show that massage can:

Help fight depression – In 2010 researchers reviewed the effects massage therapy has on symptoms of depression by carrying out a meta-analysis of 17 studies with a combined 786 participants. Each of the studies demonstrated the positive effects of massage on depression, when compared to those in the control groups.

Reduce stressSports Medicine published a review stating the positive effects of massage on muscle soreness and recovering after injury or physical exertion.

Offer pain relief – In 2014, meta-analyses revealed that massage therapy reduced pain, anxiety, and depression in 404 patients with fibromyalgia who received at least five weeks of massage therapy.

Promote hormone balance – Studies indicate massage can decrease adrenocorticotropin hormone, nitric oxide, and beta-endorphin levels while increasing levels of oxytocin.

Lessen inflammation – In 2012, a study examined the results of massage on young males with damage to their muscles. It was observed that massage mitigated cellular stress, and decreased the expression of cellular stress.

Using essential oils in combination with massage can enhance the benefits, greatly. The proven benefits of massage coupled with the myriad of therapeutic components of essential oils create a powerful combination of restorative therapy, for a wide variety of conditions and health challenges.

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