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So today I am going to talk to you about dermal fillers.

This is probably the secondmost popular treatments we offer here at Beauty Rediscovered. Current trends and ‘celebrities’ such as the Kardashians constantly in the public eye and all over social media, mean that customers are keener than ever to have their faces plumped, smoothed and boosted!

Clients find it very gratifying to be able to see an immediate improvement in hollow areas or areas lacking volume such as cheeks and in particular the lips.

So what are dermal fillers and if you have them will you end up looking like poor Lesley Ash or Pete Burns with the proverbial ‘trout’ pout, or ‘duck’ lips?!

Not if the correct product is used in the correct way by a qualified experienced practitioner you won’t! The first important difference lies in whether temporary or permanent fillers are used. At Beauty Rediscovered we only use temporary dermal fillers.

Temporary dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in our skin. Hyaluronic acid attracts and holds on to water giving volume to the skin. As we age our own natural hyaluronic acid starts to disappear. Treatment with dermal filler uses a manufactured hyaluronic acid which the skin does not recognize as a foreign body, to volumise areas such as the lips. The hyaluronic acid that we use has been extensively tested, FDA approved, involves no animals in its production and carries a minimal risk of allergic reaction. Over time it is gradually broken down by the body and excreted along with our own hyaluronic acid. The treated areas gradually return to their pre-treatment state with results usually lasting 6-12 months.

The most common question we are asked when it comes to lip treatment is – ‘does it hurt’?!

Lips are a very sensitive area and being totally honest, without anaesthetic, yes it does!

However, being the kind, caring souls that we are, we make sure that you are nice and numb before treatment. The anaesthetic of choice is in the form of a dental block, like you may have had at the dentist for a filling. It works very quickly and usually wears off in an hour or so. If you prefer you can opt for a numbing cream. The filler is then injected slowly with occasionally a slight feeling of pressure as the product goes in which is only short lived.

The second most common question is - ‘how much filler is needed’?

This is entirely individual to each client, depending on how much volume - or lack of – your lips have to begin with, and how full you would like them to be. You will be advised on this during the initial consultation taking into account desired outcome and more importantly, safety regarding the amount that can be injected.

The results are instantly visible. Bruising and swelling can occur but usually settle down in a couple of days. The results last approximately 6-12 months, but depend on factors such as age, lifestyle, type and volume of filler injected.

Aly Graham-Gage

01425 206320


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