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Diary of a Letting Agent

A piece of journalism caught my eye recently, with regards to buildings and tenants insurance on a rented property which most landlords hope will never happen to them.

A couple who had lived in their home for 30 odd years decided to go abroad to do voluntary work for a charity. They rented out their treasured home to a couple. All was well for the first 2 years and then one of the tenants lost their jobs. Despite claiming housing benefit, the rent was not paid and the arrears got out of hand. The couple decided to come back and try and sort things out.

To their dismay, they found their home had been transformed into a cannabis factory and a substantial amount of damage had been done to the property. The tenants not only refused them entry but refused to move out, so the landlords had to have them evicted through the judicial system which took some five months at a cost of around £2,500.

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Letting Specialist in Poole

Is Property still a Good Investment in Poole and Bournemouth?

If there is one thing you could say about working in the lettings industry - there are no two days the same!

Over the last couple of years, I have written various articles and Q&A’s to which I know has attracted a good following. Over the next few months I will be bringing you ‘Diary of a Letting Agent’ which will combine my snippets of good information with some insight of my life!

So what have I been up to? Well, I recently presented a Power Point presentation to a group of property investors (which I have been doing for 3 years on a monthly basis). The group meet and listen to expert leaders within the Industry. I give an update on what is going on in the lettings world – and there are always lots to tell!! This month though I delved a bit deeper and looked at property prices within the Poole and Bournemouth conurbation and the latest projections from other experts in the industry to house prices!

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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

"Diets don’t work"

"When I am on a diet, I can’t stop thinking about food!"

"I am being good this week"

"I shouldn’t eat that"

Does that Sound Familiar?

When we ‘go' on a diet - we seem to become obsessed about food. We constantly think about what we are ‘allowed’ to or ‘should’ eat, when we will eat. We follow the diet plan for a while, we see the number on the scales going down, perhaps we buy a new outfit. We feel very pleased with ourselves and ‘come off the diet’............ and what happens next? That’s right, those pounds creep back on... and off you go again, the newest, the latest diet!


Stopping Unwanted Habits

There are good habits and bad habits, wanted habits, unwanted habits. It’s great to have the habit of exercising, probably not so great to have the habit of always having a chocolate biscuit every time you have a hot drink.

Some habits can be just a little but quirky, but others can cause real problems.

Constant nail-biting is not only un-hygienic and unsightly, but can also cause pain and soreness of the fingers. Likewise skin picking. Compulsive hair pulling, which is known as Trichotillamania or Tric for short, is not uncommon and can be a very distressing condition. Perhaps you know someone who has habitual actions or movements perhaps?

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Is your tenant hiding something?

Lettings in Bournemouth

I was recently shocked to discover some of the lengths tenants will go to find a property to rent.

On my Facebook page I was recently invited to a discussion group and asked if I could help someone find a property to rent. This particular person was a working single mum, with one child, a guarantor and a cat. The reason they asked if I could help was because she was struggling to find a property that would accept the cat. She had attempted to go for a couple of properties that indicated in the advert they would accept a pet, but was let down because the landlords had a choice of applicants and decided to go with the applicant who did not have a pet.

This in itself did not surprise me as landlords presently do have a pick of tenants, what was the advice she then received from her friends. A few said ‘don’t let them know you have a pet, the landlord never checks anyway’, ‘I never tell them I have a dog, and I have been doing it for years’, ‘definitely lie about it, it is the only way you will get a property’ and someone even gave the following advice ‘if you need payslips to show you are on more money, you can go to a website and they will give you payslips for the last 3 months from top companies.’

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Recycling Never Looked So Good

Recycled Plastic Products in Bournemouth

Plastic has many practical and very useful properties and has an infinite range of different uses, some of which being are as decking, fencing, outdoor furniture, planters, boardwalks, landscaping, bollards, signage and construction etc.

The list of possibilities is endless and the long-term advantages it has over traditional materials are staggering!

It’s a great investment, as it never needs to be replaced due to its high strength and durability, therefore it quickly pays for itself in the long run. In short, it’s worry free!


Coping With Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in Bournemouth

Have you ever felt anxious? I’m guessing that your answer would be yes, it would be my answer too. Most of us have experienced anxiety in our lives, sometimes it’s just a fleeting feeling, and we get on with what we were doing with now ill effects. Other times the feelings of anxiety can last for several hours or even days. We can feel anxiety in specific situations or have a feelings of anxiety for no apparent reason. For many people, these anxious feelings seem to be there all the time, often for no apparent reason.

Symptoms of anxiety can be varied and can include: anxious thoughts, going over and over the things that worry us in our minds, having a sense of dread, feeling "on edge", finding it difficult to concentrate, becoming irritable or impatient at the slightest thing and being easily distracted.

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Starting 2014 with rent arrears?

Renting in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch

As we have left 2013 and entered 2014, how are your tenants doing with their rent? In January 2013 a total of £326million in rent was either late or unpaid according to survey by LSL Property Services. This had increased by nearly £100million because of Christmas 2012.

There was an article in the Independent in December 2013 of a council in London sending out Christmas cards to their 17,000 tenants reminding them to pay their rent before splashing out on festivities, the card had a picture of a pound coin fizzing in a glass with the message ’Don’t over indulge this Christmas – pay your rent’. Hammersmith and Fulham Council reportedly have 49% of their tenants in arrears; however the tenants themselves found the card insulting.


Why I love Hypnosis

I’m often asked how I came to be a Hypnotherapist, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that I first discovered Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy when I needed some help myself.

I needed to learn to drive for my job, the problem was that I was absolutely terrified of the very thought of driving. I forced myself to take lessons and I hated every single minute! I could hardly hold the steering wheel my palms were so sweaty, I was so tense my body was almost rigid, every lesson was exhausting, no doubt for my instructor too! I really thought I would never get over my nerves. The only time I didn’t worry about my lessons was on a Saturday afternoon after the lesson, by Sunday I was into the cycle of worrying again.

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Prospective Tenants...Q & A


We have been approached by a prospective tenant who wishes to rent out our 3 bedroom property for herself and her children. It would appear she has recently split from her partner. She would like to move into the property with her ex-partner paying the rent. What is the procedure in doing this correctly? Do we issue a Tenancy Agreement in both their names? Are there any pitfalls we should be aware of?

recycled garden furniture in Bournemouth

Reformed Plastics - Frequently Asked Questions...

Why are recycled plastic products different?

Plastic lumber is the perfect alternative to anything that has ever needed maintaining. Plastic lumber can be cut with a regular saw, drilled, nailed, or screwed into, and routed as easily as wood.

The main benefits of plastic products are:

  • They do not rot.
  • They do not need painting or staining.
  • They are wear resistant.
  • They are resistant to vandalism.
  • They are resistant to salt water.
  • They are resistant to insects and bacteria.
  • They do not split or splinter.
  • They are completely maintenance free.
  • Graffiti resistant.
  • They are resistant to the elements.
  • They are resistant to chemicals.
  • They will not break, even in extremely hot or cold conditions.
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Can they sell the property that I am renting?


I have just been told by my landlord that he wants to sell the property I am renting from him. What are my rights and how much notice can I expect from my landlord to move out? Also, I have repeatedly asked my Landlord for a copy of the Certificate showing where my Deposit is, but to date have not received one, how do I know it is safe?


Why should I see a Hypnotherapist?

I often see clients who have been experiencing a problem for many years, when they eventually seek help, they are usually amazed at how quickly they feel so much better. The problem has either gone or has been reduced to manageable levels, they learn coping skills and feel they can take on anything.

Experienced and Qualified Hypnotherapist in Bournemouth

“Why didn’t I come sooner?”

Why indeed?

Of course everybody has their own reasons for not seeking professional help, these are just a few.

“I’m an intelligent person, I can solve my own problems”

It’s not about intelligence. A good therapist would never tell you what to do or how to live your life. They give you experienced outside perspective and help you gain insight into yourself so you can make better choices.


Making Difficult Decisions...

At some time in our lives, we may have difficult decisions or choices to make, perhaps about a relationship or a major life change. We can get caught up in the emotion of that situation and that can often result in anxiety, stress and perhaps we make a decision we later regret. So what can we do to help us make those difficult choices?

Why not take a step back from the decision and look at your choices from different perspectives. In therapy we call this ‘Perceptual Positions’. By taking these different positions, one can take some of the emotion out of the decision and take a more considered view.

Qualified Hypnotherapist in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch


Hypnotherapy For Children...

I'm often asked if hypnotherapy is suitable for children and the answer is a resounding YES!

Children have such amazing imaginations & curiosity and so they really are brilliant at hypnosis. In addition, children, unlike adults, do not usually have any mis-leading or pre-conceived views about what hypnosis is and are eager to discover something new and interesting.

In general, hypnosis is suitable for children from the age of 6, although this does depend on each individual child's development. For hypnosis to be effective, a child needs to have a 'sense of self', to be able to listen to and follow instructions and be able to communicate.

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Late return of keys 'v' extra rent


My girlfriend and I moved out of our property last month at the end of our tenancy. We then went on holiday for two weeks and realised we had not handed in our keys, which we duly did on our return. The landlord is insisting on charging us two weeks extra rent and wanting to deduct it from our deposit. Can he do this? I have looked all through my tenancy agreement and cannot find any details on this.

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How much notice should I give to leave?

Q I have been renting a property for the last two years and I am presently in a rollover tenancy, my initial tenancy was for six months. I pay my rent on the 15th of each month. I recently gave my landlord a month’s notice on the 25th April to move out on the 25th May, however, I have been told that it should be given on my rent due date of the 15th and I must also give two months’ notice. I really need to move out, is this correct?

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Warning on electrical appliances

Landlord Services in Bournemouth

Landlords and Letting Agents are being advised to look at the electrical products in their properties after a number of fires have been attributed to white goods. Only last week, Dorset fire and rescue were called to a serious house fire caused by the tumble dryer

Appliances to look out for are fridge freezers, cookers, tumble dryers and washing machines (existing or recently new)

The warning comes after a continuing spate of safety alerts and product recalls. However, despite this, a large number are not registered with the manufacturer when bought by the landlords (or their agent, if they are buying on their behalf), so cannot be contacted.

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HMRC warning on second homes

Lettings Advice in Bournemouth

The HMRC have given a deadline to all property owners who received a rental income either here in the UK or abroad. This applies to any property that is not a main residence, including holiday homes. They have pledged to crack down on any buy-to-let property owners who are trying to get away with capital gains tax avoidance.


Choosing your Hypnotherapist

You’ve done some research and decided that Hypnotherapy could really help you, so how do you go about choosing the right Hypnotherapist for you?

In the UK there is currently no legislation governing the training, registration and practice of Hypnotherapists (and indeed many other therapies). Because of this lack of legislation, anyone can set themselves up as a Hypnotherapist or trainer of hypnotherapy.

So how do you know that your Hypnotherapist has been properly trained and is competent?

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can check.


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