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Diary of Award Winning Sales and Letting Agent Move On

Property specialists in Poole

We have a few busy months coming up. Historically September and October are in our top 4 for being a hive of activity, where people are looking to move and get settled before the dark nights come in and Christmas (yes…Christmas will be upon us soon). This goes for both sides of the business, lettings and sales.

At Move On, we have been making sure we are ready for the flurry of applicants and have recently upgraded to the latest technology in software to ensure all properties are marketed quickly to not only the major portals like Rightmove but out to our 10,000 data base of applicants. The whole office is super excited at not only being able to give top service to our clients, but to be able to release time from the computer to give more face to face and telephone service.


Learn to say No at work

Are you a Flossie?

There's usually at least one Flossie in every organisation, often one in every family and they are much more likely to be a women than a man. (apologies to the Florences and Flos out there)

She thinks that if she continues to do a good job and works hard enough she will be noticed, get that promotion and pay rise. If the promotion doesn't come, then she thinks that just means she needs to work harder, train more people - Flossie is holding the place together.


‘Common Law’ myth, cohabitation & living together agreements

The concept of ‘common law’ spouses is one often put to family lawyers. The reality is that couples living together without marrying are treated quite differently in law and certainly not as though they are married in most cases.

Separations amongst couples living together who are not married can be the most challenging and complicated arrangements to negotiate. Disputes relating to contributions made to the maintenance and repair of properties, improvements and payment of bills and mortgages arise in many situations. What was intended between the couple at the time can change over time or be misinterpreted or remembered differently by the two parties concerned. To complicate things further, the legal position is complex, and outcomes vary hugely and are case –specific making outcomes difficult to predict. Bringing this type of dispute to the attention of the Court can be expensive and lengthy.


Why people choose to Nordic Walk

Nordic Walking Groups in Bournemouth and Poole

I received a great response to my Ask the Expert titled 'Why Nordic Walking', which was about the benefits of Nordic Walking and how to get involved with it. As a result, many people have joined my classes in Bournemouth, Poole and Purbeck areas.

Details | email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

As an instructor it’s extremely fulfilling to see the progress that people make and the enjoyment that people get from the classes and walks that I run. Being part of a group who love the outdoors and a fantastic walk with some great people. Now I thought I would introduce you to one of my walkers Barbara and what she has gained from this healthy outdoor activity.

Barbara is a full time office worker and had a recent medical condition and awaiting one more hospital procedure but needed to get fitter. She signed up for a Taster Session in February 2015 as her forward thinking physio recommended Nordic Walking to improve her fitness level and help to lose a bit of weight before her next visit to maximize her recovery.


What makes a great Christmas party?

Christmas parties in Dorset

I'm not a fan of clichés, but with many years experience in this industry I find that it’s the people that really make the party. Ill assume that if you’re looking to book a Christmas party then you already have the people.

Everyone likes to have fun and let their hair down. We all have that inner party person, no matter how deep it’s buried inside. Meeting people's high expectations of a Christmas party can be a daunting and stressful challenge. Hopefully my guide to what makes a great Christmas party will help. I’ll explain what we do to ensure everyone has a party that will be remembered for all the right reasons. Then all you have to do is book.

The venue is the biggest decision, the earlier you book the better. Unsurprisingly, good venues go quickly. No matter how prepared you think you are, there is always someone out there more organised. Wer'e building the venue from scratch, which means we have a unique opportunity to have a bespoke theme throughout, with over 2000 square meters you won’t need to use your imagination to feel encompassed by the magic of Christmas.


The Alchemy of Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Specialist in Dorset

The definition of “alchemy” is supernatural power! I have had the accusation levelled at me that I do in fact possess a gift when it comes to the skill of recovering monies that are owed to my clients. I am not sure that being called a witch is terribly complimentary!

The reality is that providing my client prepares the ground work and, keeps his or her house in good order then my job is made that much easier. Well documented files are a must should it come down to non payment because of a dispute.

That preparation by my client starts at the point of sale...It doesn’t matter whether my client is selling a widget, recruitment services, scaffolding, accountancy, or marketing services, the list is endless. What does matter is that you know your customer / client as intimately as possible.


Enjoy the Outdoors

Extreme weather conditions can have disastrous effects on conventional outdoor furniture and fixtures, causing them to rot and deteriorate, which makes them dangerous to use.

Reformed Plastics offer you the chance to invest in outdoor furniture that will not only look great, but will not break or decay, even in the most turbulent of times.

The benefits of Reformed Plastics products:

  • It is UK designed and built
  • Bespoke design solutions
  • Safe and secure
  • No splintering
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to clean
  • A range of colours and textures
  • Will not need painting or staining
  • Will never rot
  • Strong, durable and wear resistant
  • Sustainable sturdy alternative to traditional materials
  • Non-slip decking
  • Lasts for over 50 years
  • Resistant to vandalism
  • Resistant to salt water
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Resistant to insects and bacteria

The Diary of Sharon Canning

It’s been a funny few weeks really. The rental market was probably at its quietest; a luxury in our industry. Historically the end of July and part of August is quiet, the children are breaking up for the summer holidays and parents and grandparents are generally attending sports days and end of year plays. But…the tide is changing, September, October and November have historically been our busiest months of the year and we are ready for the upturn.

Families are back from their holidays, or the chill out of the first couple of weeks are done and families looking to be closer to schools or new secondary schools are high on the agenda before the next term starts.

We came across a new site, which is helping applicants learn their credit score prior to applying called ‘noddle.’ It’s free and definitely worth checking out how you rate. We all had a go in the office and I am delighted to say we all scored 5 out of 5, as I would expect, but still nice to be told!


There’s nothing quite like summer in the garden…

Reformed Plastics offer everything from Decking to Furniture to help transform your garden!

Reformed Plastics is a family run business who offer a wide range of products, perfect for schools, businesses, restaurants and the home, just to name a few. You can feel good about yourself knowing you’re doing your bit to help and protect the environment as out products are made from 100% Recycled Plastic. All the plastic used is recycled in the UK and is a perfect alternative to wood.

Our aim is to help rebuild the environment by utilising a commodity which people would otherwise just throw away, and so turn what to some would be rubbish into a vulnerable product for everybody.



We are so excited, we can hardly contain ourselves. Move On Rentals are going into sales! In July we are launching Move On Sales and the whole team are just bursting with enthusiasm.

Those of you who know us, know, we like to be the specialists and we are approaching Move On Sales with the same attitude.

We are so eager to get the ball rolling we are offering for the first 3 months only, an introductory offer of 0.6% including VAT. I know, this is a phenomenal deal and that is why we are only going to do this for 3 months!

Not only are we offering this fabulous rate, I have made sure I have a team of sales people who just want to sell properties and cannot wait to get the deals going. My team are passionate and eager to go into the world of sales with a storm that will leave a beautiful and exhilarating wake behind them.


Reformed Plastics will suit you!

Here in the UK we can normally guarantee that the weather is never guaranteed!

Our weather can be a real mixed bag, ranging from sweltering heat waves to cold and torrential downpours with only a moments notice! As a result, extreme weather conditions can have disastrous effects on conventional outdoor furniture, features and fixtures, causing them to rot and deteriorate, which could make them dangerous to use, not only now but anytime of year.

Reformed Plastics offer you the chance to invest in outdoor products that will not only look great, but will not break or decay, even in the most turbulent of times.

Reformed Plastics’ can offer you a great solution for keeping safe at home and/or work…We offer anti-slip walkways and decking that have 85% more friction than hard wood, even when wet. This means that you can walk around your garden without the risk of falling over on dirty and slimy surfaces. Our walkways and decking come in black and brown as standard, and are completely maintenance free. They also will not rot or splinter, and last for over 50 years.


Diary of a Letting Agent - June 2015

Anyone who works within the lettings industry will say, no two days are the same and this is so true. However, 2015 has been one changeable and challenging year. We have had all the politics between Labour and Conservatives on what might happen in the private rented sector, we have had the Deregulation Bill as well as new legislations coming out all the time.

So, what is hot off the press this month?

Overseas landlords (non-residents) from April 2015 will pay capital gains tax on the sale of their UK property.

Up until now the UK tax loophole allowed overseas investors and British Expats and non-UK residents with UK property, especially those with buy-to-let agreements, which generate income.


Why Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking Experiences in Bournemouth and Dorset

You may be seeing more and more people walking with what looks like ski poles, and I can assure you they aren't looking for snow!

Nordic Walking is a fantastic way of keeping fit while you walk, in fact it turns a walk into a workout with out much more effort or exertion. It engages the upper body as the poles propel you along and in turn makes your feet feel lighter, it encourages great posture and can help tone up and also work on core stability too. So, it is a win win situation.

So now you are thinking, great I will go buy some Nordic poles and off I go. Sorry it isn't that easy, a few people have come to a Taster after going to an Outdoor store asking for Nordic Walking poles and walk away with Trekking poles and there is so much difference between the two.


Women’s Development

Building Personal Confidence

A lack of confidence and low self-esteem are two of the most common themes raised with me by women in coaching or personal development conversations.

Confidence is a state of mind, something that we project to others, what we want them to see; whereas self-esteem is how we feel. If you are in business, whether working for yourself or others, personal confidence will impact on your business success. People buy from confident people, if you don’t have confidence in yourself, your product or your services, performance will suffer. Poor performance then breeds low confidence … it’s a vicious circle!


Amnesty for Landlords on Protecting Deposits

So…who are you? Who has been hiding their head in the sand and hoping they won’t get found out for NOT protecting their tenant’s deposits.

It could be you have a tenant who has been in the property for many years and perhaps you have never had to use an agent, who would have highlighted the new regulations regarding protecting a tenants’ deposit that came in to force in April 2007.

It could be that you took the deposit before the ruling in 2007 and you genuinely believed (as many did) that you did not have to protect the deposit.

It doesn’t really matter what your reasons are, the good news is that you have been pardoned! On the condition that you protect the deposit before 23rd June 2015.

It's Tea

It's Tea

Come and experience the magic at It’s Tea, and enjoy a superior drinking experience

It’s Tea is a haven for any tea and/or coffee enthusiast. As you walk through the door you will be welcomed by the fragrant smell of tea and coffee. Rows of loose tea leaves line the back wall of the shop, including traditional yet diverse ranges of Earl Grey, fermented dark Pu Her teas and fruit infused teas. A great range of oriental inspired drinking apparatuses, drinking chocolates and gift baskets occupy the front of the shop, along with flavoured sugars and chocolates.

The staff at It’s Tea are extremely knowledgeable about where each individual tea comes from, how it is produced and what flavours it incorporates. At present they stock an impressive collection that boasts 160 varieties of tea, in addition to a selection of coffee. It’s Tea’s staff firmly believe that tea is for everyone, and everyone can enjoy its many different forms and varieties. So, forget about creating a quick cuppa, and invest in a tea that suits your palate, so that you can really appreciate and experience the magic of that moment. It’s Tea’s stock regularly changes to include new flavour combinations and varieties. These new concoctions are created by their very own sommelier, who designs and develops great flavour combinations that everyone can enjoy. No tea is constantly in stock, which means that you can always experience something new when you visit this tea specialist.

renting in Poole

Diary of a Letting Agent - Budgets

As I write this journal, I am very much aware what the budget is this week and by the time you read this, the budget has happened! So, I thought I would write about some changes that will affect many landlords in their tax return as we also approach the end of tour tax year on the 5th April 2015.

Firstly if you are a new landlord and you are receiving rental income, you should tell HMRC about it – contact then as soon as possible, but at the latest by 5 October following the end of the tax year in which you start to let the property. That is, if you started getting rental income in the year to 5 April 2015, tell HMRC by 5 October 2015.

renting in Poole and Bournemouth

Diary of a Letting Agent - Property Advice

Property Advice in Poole

A lovely couple came in to see me this week. They had inherited £250,000 and were toying with the idea of becoming first time landlords.

The couple were in their early 50’s, still working, had paid off their existing mortgage and were in a good place, however, their pensions were going to be state pensions, so they were looking to invest it now with it providing a better standard of living when they retire at 67!

They wanted to make their inheritance bring in the best possible return. Now, for those of us who have been in the industry for a long time, we get it, and nothing could be easier, however, when you meet someone who has never gone down this route before, the whole process can be frightening to them and where they may think they want the best possible return, they may opt for a lesser return if it brings them more peace of mind.

renting in Poole

Need help finding a property?

Expert letting specialists in Poole and Bournemouth

Move on Rentals are a lettings specialist in Poole that offer a range of landlord and tenant services. The company is owned by Sharon Canning; a local lady with a wealth of experience in all aspects of the property letting industry. Sharon has become a leading expert in the lettings field, making her one of the most reputable and trustworthy faces within the property industry.

Letting specialist in Bournemouth

Another Happy Landlord!

Please see below, feedback from a Landlord who decided to let his property out, and have a full managed service while he lived in Egypt...

Hello Gina,

Glad to report that I know I could not have had better support from the entire Move on Team, over the last 5 years or so, when I took the plunge and had extended holidays in Egypt!

I was fortunate that I never had any problems with rent being missed or delayed, no doubt due to the effective screening of my tenants.


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