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Blu Lake

Blu Lake- Professional Corporate & Life Coach

Last month I shared what many people say are the three hardest things about retirement. Let’s now explore some considerations required to prepare for this phase of life. I mentioned last month that retirement doesn’t mean stopping, it’s a transition to a new, exciting phase of life. You may spend more time in retirement than in your traditional working life so you’re looking for ways to live your dreams…ways to achieve Bold Age.


Relax and let your Letting Agent take the Strain

Landlords, are you confident enough to manage your property yourself? Unless you have a lot of experience, spare time to attend training courses and have the right access to legal and practical information you could be risking fines and even imprisonment if you get it wrong. In order to protect their investment, all landlords need to be aware of their statutory obligations together with the rights of the tenants living in their property.


Williams Thompson Solicitors

Will 2016 see the but-to-let bubble burst?

This is heresy to some estate and letting agents and those heavily invested in such properties will deny the possibility of a downturn. But that is the nature of investment bubbles.


Christmas Property Care List

Once again the Christmas and New Year break is fast approaching and most people cannot understand where the year has gone. There is a last minute rush to get everything organised and in the rush, some important tasks can be forgotten.


Blu Lake- Professional Corporate & Life Coach

Are you ready for Bold Age?

If you love your job, the thought of retirement can be daunting. Sure, hanging out on the golf course and travelling sounds great, but for many people the transition from corporate culture to a more leisurely life isn't easy. Here are three of the hardest things about retirement...


Diary of Award Winning Sales and Letting Agent

Are you selling your property in 2016?

Have you decided to put your property on the market in the New Year, or perhaps at some point during 2016? You will be one of many with the same thought…get Christmas out of the way, declutter the house, do those odd jobs that need finishing off whilst over the Christmas break and then call in the estate agents.


Williams Thompson Solicitors

You wait years for one major development in Christchurch- and then another comes along.

Last month I wrote about the proposal 850 house development for the land between Stoney Cross and Roeshot Hill, and now we are told the redevelopment of a 4.74 acre site in the heart of Christchurch is going to take place.


Damned if you do ........ Damned if you don’t!

Debt recovery specialists in Bournemouth

Early American evangelist Lorenzo Dow (d. 1834) coined these words while condemning other preachers who 'make the Bible clash and contradict itself, by preaching somewhat like this: 'You can and you can't - You shall and you shan't - You will and you won't - And you will be damned if you do - And you will be damned if you don't.'

I am applying the term to the situation where you have provided a service to a client and haven’t been paid, your credit control procedures have been followed, reminders and statements sent and yet you still haven’t received payment. Do you send 7 day letter or not?


Right to Rent

Well, if the 1st October new legislations wasn’t enough to keep you busy as a landlord then keep your wits about you for the see-able future! Right to Rent is officially being rolled out from 1st February 2016.

What is Right to Rent?

Under section 22 of the Immigration Act 2014 a landlord should not authorise an adult to occupy property as their only or main home under a residential tenancy agreement unless the adult is a British citizen, or EEA or Swiss national, or has a ‘Right to Rent’ in the UK. Someone will have the ‘Right to Rent’ in the UK provided they are present lawfully in accordance with immigration laws. Landlords who breach section 22 may be liable for a civil penalty of up to £3000 per tenant and repeated offenders can receive a prison sentence of up to 5 years.


Are you still waiting to be caught out?

How often do you have these thoughts playing out in your head?

  • I'm not good enough
  • I'm about to be exposed for the phoney I really am
  • It was a lucky fluke that I got this job

Do you think you have to work twice as hard as everyone else to prove your worth?

The good news is - you are not alone, the bad news? This negative thinking will not help build your confidence and self-esteem; comparing yourself to others who you believe are better, smarter, more accomplished will only keep you in that state of stress and anxiety. But there are ways to conquer these feelings and enjoy your hard-earned successes.


What exactly is tea?

Tea is a very healthy drink but what is tea? Strictly speaking, anything made with Camellia Sinensis is tea, everything else is an infusion, we might call it tea but really it isn’t.

What is in the tea is also very important to take note of. We sell a lot of pure teas and they are delicious, fresh and safe because we are very careful where we get them from and want you to have only the best. This applies equally to our herbal infusions and fruit teas. In fact it took us longer to secure a supply of high quality tasty safe herbal and fruit infusions. That is because not all teas are as good and not all things you buy as tea are tea. It brings a smile to our faces when, as often happens, our customers come back from the far east with tea and when they get home they discover it isn't as tasty as the teas we sell them.

One of the biggest challenges over tea is pesticides. There is a massive world wide problem at the moment with pesticides. The huge amount of tea being drunk is meaning more areas are being brought into production and tea is being farmed more intensively than ever before. With little regulation on the use of pesticides in these countries it isn't hard to see how tea contaminated by these, potentially lethal, products that are absolutely not fit for human consumption can get into the food chain. That is why buying tea that has not been properly assayed is completely off the chart for us.


Diary of Award Winning Sales and Letting Agent Move On

Firstly, a big, massive WELL DONE to all the team at Move On. We won the Dorset Venus ‘Marketing and PR’ Award 2015 and I cannot express how ecstatic as all are. It is fantastic to be recognised for this particular award as one part of our role is to ensure we are marketing your property for either rent or sale properly, and although we think we are pretty good at it, this award tells us we are pretty good at it! A truly fantastic achievement.

Secondly, we have passed the 1st October and all the small print was finally passed for the legislations to become effective. Please make sure you have proof you are providing the 6 essential pieces of paperwork to the tenant, I would suggest itemising them and asking the tenant to sign, agreeing they have been given. If you are unsure of the six pieces of information, then please email me and I will be more than happy to let you know.


Can’t pay or won’t pay?!

By Diane Bantten - Acquit Debt Recovery

We all know that the economy isn’t in a happy place at the moment, we all know about the double dip recession and we all know that times are generally hard. It is hard to win new work and therefore when we do, we really want to hang on to that client ........ don’t we?

What about the client that starts off brilliantly, offers you new work frequently, pays on time and gives you repeat work – ideal! However, it seems to be more and more prevalent that that ideal client is starting to pay later and later, your credit control procedures may say chase after 30 days – how many of you are still waiting for payment after 90? Do you carry on working for them or do you put them on stop OR are you so frightened of upsetting them that you do nothing? To my mind, a client that doesn’t want to pay for your service or is unable to isn’t an ideal client at all!


At Last - Summer’s Over!

I don’t suppose there are many children pleased that the summer holidays are finally over and they are back to school - well maybe a few, but there’s a good chance that many working Mums (and Dad’s) are relieved that the constant juggling of work and lengthy school holidays has come to an end.

None more so than the women who run their own businesses from home, many of whom have made this choice because of the flexibility it offers when working and caring for children.

How do you still hit those targets, stay in the creative zone or simply deliver on orders with little (or big) people interrupting the flow? (Answers on a postcard please)


Diary of Award Winning Sales and Letting Agent Move On

Property specialists in Poole

We have a few busy months coming up. Historically September and October are in our top 4 for being a hive of activity, where people are looking to move and get settled before the dark nights come in and Christmas (yes…Christmas will be upon us soon). This goes for both sides of the business, lettings and sales.

At Move On, we have been making sure we are ready for the flurry of applicants and have recently upgraded to the latest technology in software to ensure all properties are marketed quickly to not only the major portals like Rightmove but out to our 10,000 data base of applicants. The whole office is super excited at not only being able to give top service to our clients, but to be able to release time from the computer to give more face to face and telephone service.


Learn to say No at work

Are you a Flossie?

There's usually at least one Flossie in every organisation, often one in every family and they are much more likely to be a women than a man. (apologies to the Florences and Flos out there)

She thinks that if she continues to do a good job and works hard enough she will be noticed, get that promotion and pay rise. If the promotion doesn't come, then she thinks that just means she needs to work harder, train more people - Flossie is holding the place together.


‘Common Law’ myth, cohabitation & living together agreements

The concept of ‘common law’ spouses is one often put to family lawyers. The reality is that couples living together without marrying are treated quite differently in law and certainly not as though they are married in most cases.

Separations amongst couples living together who are not married can be the most challenging and complicated arrangements to negotiate. Disputes relating to contributions made to the maintenance and repair of properties, improvements and payment of bills and mortgages arise in many situations. What was intended between the couple at the time can change over time or be misinterpreted or remembered differently by the two parties concerned. To complicate things further, the legal position is complex, and outcomes vary hugely and are case –specific making outcomes difficult to predict. Bringing this type of dispute to the attention of the Court can be expensive and lengthy.


Why people choose to Nordic Walk

Nordic Walking Groups in Bournemouth and Poole

I received a great response to my Ask the Expert titled 'Why Nordic Walking', which was about the benefits of Nordic Walking and how to get involved with it. As a result, many people have joined my classes in Bournemouth, Poole and Purbeck areas.

Details | email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

As an instructor it’s extremely fulfilling to see the progress that people make and the enjoyment that people get from the classes and walks that I run. Being part of a group who love the outdoors and a fantastic walk with some great people. Now I thought I would introduce you to one of my walkers Barbara and what she has gained from this healthy outdoor activity.

Barbara is a full time office worker and had a recent medical condition and awaiting one more hospital procedure but needed to get fitter. She signed up for a Taster Session in February 2015 as her forward thinking physio recommended Nordic Walking to improve her fitness level and help to lose a bit of weight before her next visit to maximize her recovery.


The Alchemy of Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Specialist in Dorset

The definition of “alchemy” is supernatural power! I have had the accusation levelled at me that I do in fact possess a gift when it comes to the skill of recovering monies that are owed to my clients. I am not sure that being called a witch is terribly complimentary!

The reality is that providing my client prepares the ground work and, keeps his or her house in good order then my job is made that much easier. Well documented files are a must should it come down to non payment because of a dispute.

That preparation by my client starts at the point of sale...It doesn’t matter whether my client is selling a widget, recruitment services, scaffolding, accountancy, or marketing services, the list is endless. What does matter is that you know your customer / client as intimately as possible.


Enjoy the Outdoors

Extreme weather conditions can have disastrous effects on conventional outdoor furniture and fixtures, causing them to rot and deteriorate, which makes them dangerous to use.

Reformed Plastics offer you the chance to invest in outdoor furniture that will not only look great, but will not break or decay, even in the most turbulent of times.

The benefits of Reformed Plastics products:

  • It is UK designed and built
  • Bespoke design solutions
  • Safe and secure
  • No splintering
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to clean
  • A range of colours and textures
  • Will not need painting or staining
  • Will never rot
  • Strong, durable and wear resistant
  • Sustainable sturdy alternative to traditional materials
  • Non-slip decking
  • Lasts for over 50 years
  • Resistant to vandalism
  • Resistant to salt water
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Resistant to insects and bacteria

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